Educational Talent Search (ETS)

Talent search is a federal initiative to provide educational support and opportunities to economically and educationally disadvantaged students from 6th – 12th grade, whose parents or guardians did not attend college. In the Talent Search Program, 600 middle school and high school students from 7 target schools in North Miami are introduced to an exciting hands-on experience in college life. The program has an academic year and a summer component. During the academic year, Talent Search meets the needs of schools in the North Dade area by offering tutorial assistance, college counseling, Saturday Academics, and educational and cultural fieldtrips.

In the Talent Search Summer Program, middle school students from Miami-Dade County are introduced to a dynamic pre-collegiate experience. Middle school participants also spend three hours a week doing FCAT preparation. During the summer, high school students from Miami-Dade County are introduced to a rigorous university experience. Talent Search provides the participants with a four week curriculum that is centered on SAT preparation, career choices, and researching their choices. There are four major content areas of language arts, math, science, and career life and skills.