Pre-Collegiate Programs

The core mission of Pre-Collegiate Programs is to provide services that educate and improve the lives of underrepresented students academically, socially, and financially. This will be accomplished by creating an environment that is nurturing, supportive, provides leadership, fosters development and community outreach, and promotes academic excellence through supplemental instruction, advisement, and mentoring. The office also seeks to identify funds to strengthen the infrastructure of the Division of Student Affairs while at the same time addressing individual departmental needs as defined by staff members. This will be accomplished by directing efforts toward the acquisition of funds from federal, state, local, community, and private and public sector agencies.

The Pre-Collegiate Programs submits and monitors external grant applications for the Division of Student Affairs. The Programs also researches and investigates potential grant opportunities, provides direction in the monitoring and evaluation of externally funded programs initiated by staff members, and serves as liaison with the Office of Sponsored Research Administration.

This office develops partnerships with federal, state, community and local educational agencies and acts as liaison with private and public agencies. Training is provided for division staff regarding development and management of external funding opportunities. Policies regarding grants and grant writing are formulated and implemented. The Pre-Collegiate Programs also direct grant budgets and oversees budgeting of obtained grants.